tabula rasa no more

So, first post.

It’s a landmark thing – the start of something new – which is probably why I feel the need to make this as exciting and profound as possible. Unsurprisingly, nothing comes to mind. Maybe I’ll just tell you guys about why I made this blog.

I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me when I say the idea of a blog is something I’ve been dwelling on for quite some time now. The idea of an online haven to reflect and dwell on life is both daunting and exciting. However, as the self-professed most indecisive person in the world (and many, MANY friends of mine will testify to this), I couldn’t make up my mind. Did I want a blog? What would I write about anyways? Would anyone read it? Would I have time to update it regularly?

So why now? As a journalism student, I think it’s about time I crack down on my laziness and finally get this beast up and running. So, after wrapping my head around the whole WordPress system, here we are!

Hopefully this blog will become a nice little collection of my life in words and photos.

In an ideal world, I would update this as often as I could but, as many uni students will agree, time isn’t always as giving. We’ll see how we go.


Twitter:  @missaprilchan

Instagram: @apess