winter blues

It’s really cold in Brisbane right now. Really cold.

I’m not talking put-on-a-scarf and grab-your-cardigan cold. I’m talking socially-unacceptable-warming-dances and hair-down-for-any-scrap-of-extra-warmth cold.

I recently went away to the Gold Coast Hinterlands for the weekend. Our accomodation consisted of a lovely wooden cabin and bunk beds. My sleeping bag and I have a pretty good track record of giving me restful sleep when it comes to accomodation like this. Having had a long and tiring week, I was looking forward to a nice sleep. It was quite chilly outside, so that first night, I put on a pair of socks before I snuggled into my sleeping bag. This will be more than enough, I thought.

Oh, how naive.

At first, all was good. However, I didn’t take long for everything to go wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.

I still don’t know how it happened, but suddenly the warmth seeped out of my bag, only to be replaced with the biting hinterland cold.

Knowing what would happen next, I curled up into a ball to maintain body heat. I rubbed my feet together, trying to maintain warmth in my toes. I resorted to zipping my head into my sleeping bag.
No matter what I did, my body refused to warm up.

My little oversight resulted in a night of sleeplessness. My poor friend sleeping on the bunk below me had to deal with my restless turning all night long.

Not usually being a morning person, you can only imagine what I was like the morning after. Grumpy and miserable, I complained to anyone who would listen. Winter, you had won this round. Now, it was my turn.

Luckily for me, my cabinmates were already asleep by the time I go back to the cabin. It was time for war. Here’s a little peek of my strategy.

One pair of socks just wouldn’t be enough. It’d have to be two if I had any hope of winning. I also would need extra insulation at the bottom of my sleeping bag. My jersey and scarf would do just the trick.

While my legs weren’t as cold as my toes the night before, there was no room for mistakes tonight. An extra pair of tights under my pj’s was needed.

I had worn my jersey the night before and my neck had suffered. My hoodie would provide the extra warmth to my neck. That usually would have been enough but I wore two extra layers below the hoodie just in case.

That night, I still froze.

Winter: 2


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