“our generation is the best generation”

It’s been a little slow on the blogging front.

University mid-sems are coming up and, as a result, it feels like all I have to share on is the copious amounts of sugar I’ve been consuming as a result. (in case your wondering: several packets of nerds, jellybeans and licorice – just to name a few. Check out my twitter, @theapechan, for pics!)

Shameless self-promotion aside, here’s another one of my old articles to keep this slow engine running. This one, a column, was written as an in class assessment last semester. Again, we were given one and a half hours to write on the topic of (if i remember correctly): ‘our generation is the best generation.’

As a quick side note, a lot of the references are now outdated and/or will only make sense to Brisbanians. Nevertheless, enjoy!


Spoilt. Alcoholic. Lazy. Sheltered. These labels are constantly being applied to us, and I think it’s time someone took a stand.

I think Generation Y should receive more credit than we’re given.

We range from our late teens to early 30s. Some of us are working; some of us are still in university. We’re a wide ranging group of people, but there’s one thing that all us Gen Y’s have in common.

We’re the best.

There, I said it. Did you hear that? That was the groan of the other inferior generations. Now, if you ever find yourself in a heated debate with one of the Inferiors, never fear. I’ve taken it as my personal duty to help you prove all naysayers wrong with a list of our best attributes.

1: We’re adaptable.
Generation Y are adaptability experts. Something new comes our way, we reprogram our brains to adjust and life goes on. Global Financial Crisis? More instant noodles, less vegetables. Facebook? More social networking, less social outings. Sure, people might argue that these outcomes aren’t exactly better. No one said anything about positive adaptability. It doesn’t change the fact that we’ll adapt the hell out of anything that comes our way. In fact, I dare someone to invent something that we wouldn’t adapt to. If there was a town called ‘Adaptability’, we’d all be mayor.

2: We’re passionate.
We’re bandwagon hopping champions. When the next big craze appears, it’s a race to see who can get on first, and we’ll drag as many people along with us as we can. Some say ‘crazy fanatics’. We prefer the term ‘passionate’, thank you very much. Forget Team Edward or Team Jacob, now we fight over who is Team Peeta and Team Gale (see: adaptable) If there is a cause we believe in, we get behind it. Take the whole Kony 2012 thing. Yes, our passion only lasted a few days. But there’s no denying those were a passionate few days.

3: We are the can-do generation.
Heck, Campbell Newman can be crowned an honorary Gen Y for all I care. His ‘Can-do Campbell’ campaign, while hugely irritating and forever ingrained into my memory, captured the Gen Y spirit perfectly. We’re the can-do generation. Can you finish this 1500 word essay in 24 hours because you were off being passionate about Kony 2012? Can do! Can you go to this concert with me even though you can’t even afford to pay rent? Can do! We don’t just jump over obstacles. We demolish them as if they never existed.

4: We’re not even the generation people should be worried about.
Can I please draw the jury’s attention to the generation after us? I don’t know about everyone else, but Generation “Zed”, as they call it, is freaking me out. I mean, for Heaven’s sakes, my younger sister was operating a webcam at age 4. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my sister to bits, but there is something inherently wrong in that. I can’t even remember the last time she was outside playing with her friends instead playing Draw Something with them instead. At least us Gen Y’s got a little Vitamin D every now and again.

Stay strong, Generation Y comrades. We have plenty of fights ahead of us. Even if these tips don’t work out for you and the enemy has, dare I say it, superior counter arguments, don’t worry. This debate was probably brought up because you were drinking instead of being productive and off living your sheltered life with an endless supply of money from your parents. Chances are neither of you will remember having it in the morning.


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