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In the first week of July, I had the opportunity of interning for a week at The Courier Mail – the major newspaper here in Queensland.

I was in the Property section under my lovely editor Michelle Hele. Michelle was always looking out for me – letting me use her spare mug for the office’s free tea and coffee (which, naturally, I wholeheartedly abused), walking me to the company shuttle bus and introducing me to the driver, asking how I was doing throughout the day. It really is the little things that can tip the scales between a good and bad experience.

It was only after my internship that I realised how blessed I actually was in getting to work under her. People kept telling me their horror internship/work experience stories – treated as clothes racks, virtually ignored for an entire day.

The week was nothing short of eye opening and inspiring. Every day was a new learning experience and I can easily say I had a very steep learning curve in the property market. On the Tuesday afternoon I was even entrusted to go out with a photographer and do a vox pop for the councils reporter Sarah! The photographer was also very kind and took me under his wing for the afternoon.

All in all, I wrote five articles that week – one online based, one for the news desk (general news) and three in the property section.

Last week, Michelle sent me two of the articles that made it through to print! I couldn’t upload them straight away due to exams, but here they are now!

Drilling firm hits pay dirt on lease

First family of Springfield


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