semesterly study shutdown support

Yes, I have also succumbed to the uni finals study shutdown. Luckily, my course is mainly a practical one, so I don’t have many exams. But it also means I’m chock-a-block busy with assessment due at the end of the week!

Over my many years of procrastination, I’ve realised I go through a sort of subconscious method in tackling major assessment. It might work for you, it might not. But you never know if you never try!

1: Make a checklist.
So simple, yet so effective. Most assessments are essentially made up of small parts. Instead of tackling it all at once and having a mental breakdown, break it down into mini tasks. That way, the assessment not only seems more manageable, but every time you complete a mini task you can give yourself a mental high five. Booyah.

2: Give yourself an early deadline.
If it’s due next week, don’t leave it until the night before (though I’ve admittedly been guilty of this many a time). Tell yourself you must finish it the week before. That way, you avoid the otherwise inevitable all-nighter. Plus, when you look over it a few days later before you hand it in, you’ll be surprised at how many mistakes you spot – I speak from experience.

3: Reward yourself.
Forcing yourself to study for 10 hours straight won’t achieve much. Instead, give yourself a break every hour or so. Watch an episode of your favourite show, go for a walk and get some vitamin D, do some yoga – whatevs! Just make sure you get back to the task at hand afterwards. So probably avoid the Ellen section of YouTube. I warned you.

4: Get a study buddy (or two)!
My two wacky friends and I never get to see each other during the semester – we study different courses at different unis. So, to combat this obstacle, we meet up every Thursday for what I’ve affectionately dubbed “Hardcore Study Thursday.” It gives us a chance to catch up plus motivate each other to study. It’s a win-win situation, really.

study buddies being strange

study buddies being strange

Okay, break time’s over. Design folio, we meet again.


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