The big 2-0.

If you’ve seen my Twitter recently, you will know that at the beginning of this week I had the sudden realisation that I’m turning 20. I’ve been so absorbed in all the busyness that is my life right now that I didn’t even come to this realisation myself. It was actually my friend who alerted me to this fact (who, by the way, regretted it immediately upon seeing the wave of shock that hit my face).

Yes. tomorrow marks the end of another decade of life. The pre-teen and teenage years have been good to me and I’m excited to start the next ten years! On a bus ride earlier in the week, I started thinking about all the life choices I’ve made so far and all that I’ve learnt. You know, a ’15 things I’d tell the 15-year-old me’ kind of thing.

Feeling, for some reason, that I would be wasting an opportunity to celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ve decided to do something similar. This post, though, is more a retrospective and prospective – things I’ve learnt from Past April that Future April might need reminding of.

la familia es para siempre

1: La familia es para siempre. ‘Family is forever’. As my brothers, sister and I grow older, we are inevitably starting to go our separate ways and, as such, it’s becoming more difficult to spend time as a whole family. Making the effort, however, always ends up being worth my while. Although we’ve had our fair share of fights (and then some), I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

20130419-151850.jpg 2: Truth wins every time. You know those times when it just feels like lying would get you out of so much trouble and effort? Well, as the saying goes, the right option is never the easy one. Walking away from things with a clear conscience makes it all worth the while.

eat up!

3: Eat up! You don’t need to part with the mighty steak yet. The metabolism is still going strong. Take advantage of it, girlfriend.

don't take things to heart 4: Don’t take things to heart. I have a tendency to take things very personally. I still sometimes feel down about things people say but I’ve learnt that they’re entitled to have their opinion, as am I. There’s no reason why I should let that affect me.


5: Don’t fall for peer pressure. Life is so much more fun if you just let yourself be you!

take risks 6: Take risks. I am quite the adventurous person, but when it comes to life decisions, I tend to stay safe. When I do take risks, sometime they pay off. Sometimes they don’t. But if you never try, you’ll never know! I saw this quote on once that really resonated with me: “Not everything is meant to be, but everything is worth a try.”

embrace the unknown 7: Embrace the unknown. The future freaks me out. Leaving what I know is a bit unnerving and it’s something I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of. But embracing those nerves I get when I think of the future fuel me on to be more daring and adventurous.

20130419-160312.jpg 8: See the bigger picture. I’ve found that putting things in perspective is a great way not only to stay grounded but to not let disappointments get you down.

20130419-160635.jpg 9: Don’t take yourself too seriously. Life isn’t meant to be a chore. Have fun and let loose once in a while!

20130419-162840.jpg 10: See the world. There’s so much more exploring to do, so much more to learn and so many more different people to meet. Get out there!


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