the articles

I thought I should explain why a fair few of the posts here will be of the article persuasion.

If you don’t know already (as if I haven’t said it enough on this blog), I’m a journalism student at the Queensland University of Technology. One of the great things about the course at QUT is how practical it is. From week one they had us writing and developing our journalistic skills. I’ve been assessed on everything from my interviewing skills to my sentence structuring. This also means that I’ve already built up quite the portfolio of stories through writing for assessment.

Court, political, local, breaking story, features, column – you name it, I’ve (most likely) done it.

On a side, but related, note: Recently, I learnt the hard way that it would be wise to have a back up for all my files at uni. Basically, that’s my long and convoluted way of saying I lost my USB.

So, as the rebellious teenager I am, I decided to say “no (thank you)” to the back up system of my new USB. Instead, I’ll publish those articles here. An online archive, if you will. I’ve put them all under the “articles” category on the blog (revolutionary thinking here, I know). Feel free to have a look – and maybe learn something new along the way.