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The big 2-0. If you’ve seen my Twitter recently, you will know that at the beginning of this week I had the sudden realisation that I’m turning 20. I’ve been so absorbed in… Continue reading

semesterly study shutdown support

Yes, I have also succumbed to the uni finals study shutdown. Luckily, my course is mainly a practical one, so I don’t have many exams. But it also means I’m chock-a-block busy with… Continue reading

geek indulgence

The last few posts have been a bit D&M, so I think it’s time to lighten the mood a little! In a Layout and Design tutorial this week, we were asked to design… Continue reading

first world problems

Earlier this week, I wasted 55c of phone credit and got nothing out of it. And you know what? I felt really annoyed at that fact. I’m talking a half hour rant afterwards… Continue reading

familial ties

It’s 6:30 and I find myself in the car. Still. Perhaps I should backtrack a little. A few days ago in Brisbane, we had ourselves a little public holiday. It was People’s day,… Continue reading

laugh out loud

I’m sure there will be people of the same volition no matter where in the world. But right now, I’ve just about had it with the Olympics. Sure, there’s still the odd event… Continue reading

winter blues

It’s really cold in Brisbane right now. Really cold. I’m not talking put-on-a-scarf and grab-your-cardigan cold. I’m talking socially-unacceptable-warming-dances and hair-down-for-any-scrap-of-extra-warmth cold. I recently went away to the Gold Coast Hinterlands for the… Continue reading

tabula rasa no more

So, first post. It’s a landmark thing – the start of something new – which is probably why I feel the need to make this as exciting and profound as possible. Unsurprisingly, nothing… Continue reading