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Three posts in one month! I am on a roll! Unfortunately, my posting will come to a grinding halt – okay, that’s a bit harsh, maybe more a slow deceleration – since uni… Continue reading


It feels like I only came back from Cedar Creek yesterday, and yet I found myself going on yet another little road trip over the Easter weekend. Not that I’m complaining. This time… Continue reading

cedar creek

A few months ago, two of my friends and I decided we should do a little Saturday getaway to a little place called Cedar Creek. Located on Tambourine Mountain in the Gold Coast… Continue reading

laneway living

I recently came back from a short trip to the beautiful city of Melbourne! My friend and I had spontaneously booked these tickets a few months ago so, admittedly, I wasn’t really pumped… Continue reading


Happy new year! Here’s to 2013 – a year where I’ll (hopefully) graduate, travel some more, meet new people and enjoy each and every day as it comes. Here are just a few… Continue reading

vicarious holiday

It’s finally summer here in Australia! Beautiful blue skies, sunny days…and I’m stuck working. As a cheap alternative to travelling, I love waxing nostalgic with old holiday photos. These are from a trip… Continue reading

natural beauty

I was walking home one day from work, and I happened to have my camera with me. These are a few quick shots I took along the way. They’re not the best compositions… Continue reading

a weekend away

Over the weekend, the youth group that I help lead held its annual camp. On Friday night, we all got into our cars and made the trek down (…or up? I’m not exactly… Continue reading

drinking tea

Today was Father’s day in Australia, and to celebrate my family went to yum cha (cantonese for ‘drink tea’) for lunch – my shout. As such, I thought this would be an appropriate… Continue reading

cloud porn: the extended edition

Oh baby. As I’ve mentioned before, I Love my clouds – love with a capital L. Looking through my camera last night, I found a heap of photos which haven’t seen the light… Continue reading