the ape


Just a quick intro:

Born in the Adelaide, the Aussie City of Churches, I’m currently living it up in the sub-tropical city of Brisbane, Queensland. A few years ago, one of my genius friends (there is still debate surrounding who exactly) decided my name, April, was a bit too tedious to pronounce. Hence my nickname, Apes, was born. Jokes about bananas and hairy armpits have been abundant ever since.

I’m currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Journalism at the Queensland University of Technology while working as a producer for ABC News Online. I love the idea of getting paid to go out and share what I discover about the world we live in.

This blog will (if all goes to plan) be an amalgamation of my journalistic studies, my personal life, and anything I just have to share along the way. So come along for the ride as I document the ups and downs of my life!

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P.S. – “Why is this called Planet of An Ape even though it has a different domain name?”                 Simple answer: I thought I’d be able to change the domain name later. Evidently not.